It's a beautiful day Camp in ASAGIRI JAM 2019

Saturday October 12th, Sunday October 13th, 2019 Asagiri Arena, Fumotoppara, Mount Fuji

(Near Asagiri-kogen, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture)

Open・Campsite Open10:00~Sat Oct. 12th
Start14:00~Sat Oct. 12th
Finish20:00 Sun Oct. 13th (Tentative)
Campsite CloseCAMPSITE A
20:00 Sun Oct. 13th
11:00 Mon Oct. 14th

RAINBOW STAGEMain stage facing Mount Fuji
MOONSHINE STAGEStage located in camp site area
*Music program does not go on all night. Please enjoy camping after performances finish each day.

General Admission Tickets
2 Day Ticket¥17,500 (per adult / tax incl.)
*Includes use of campsite.
Wristband Exchange
10:00~23:00 Sat Oct. 12th
10:00~19:00 Sun Oct. 13th
Please Note: Elementary school aged children and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

Round Trip Bus Tour (includes 2 Day Ticket)
Tour Sales & Operator: Collaboration, Inc.
Sat Oct. 12th, 2019: Departs Shinjuku @ 07:00 ⇒ Arrives Asagiri Jam Venue @ 11:30


Sun Oct. 13th, 2019: Departs Asagiri Jam Venue @ 19:00 ⇒ Arrives Shinjuku @ 23:30
*No overnight (3 day) tour bus packages available.

Onsite Campsite
Facing the main stage, campsite A is perfect for enjoying music over the weekend.
Open Hours
10:00 Sat Oct. 12th~20:00 Sun Oct. 13th
(Please take down your tent by 20:00 Sun Oct. 13th)

Quiet campsite surrounded by green.
Open Hours
10:00 Sat Oct. 12th~11:00 Mon Oct. 14th
(Available for use until 11:00 the day after the festival)

CAMPSITE ATarp・Large Parasol×
Cooking Facilities×
Open Flame×
NoiseYes (Stage)
CAMPSITE BTarp・Large Parasol
Cooking Facilities
Open Flame×
Please Note
・Tents are not allowed outside of campsite areas.
・Be sure to take into account space with neighbors when setting up your tent.
・Some sinks are available for cooking in parts of Campsite B.
・Use of petroleum-based synthetic soaps is not permitted in the campsite areas.
・Use of open flame is not permitted in any areas and portable grills or fire pits must be used. Please also pay careful attention when using fire in the areas.
・Rental tents and other equipment is not available at the festival.
・Blankets are available for rent (¥1,000) at the Information Booth located in the festival. Limited number only.

ATTENTION! Please obey the rules at the festival.

No umbrella-please use rainwear

No using chair in front of the stage and during peak congestion times.

No Littering-bring trash and unnecessary camping equipment to the proper bin.

No smoking while walking- please respect no-smoking zones and refrain from smoking during peak congestion times.

Use of tarps,large parasols, etc.CAMPSITE A
Use of items which take up space or obstruct the view of others such as tarps and large parasols is not permitted.Tents and other items used for the purpose of lodging are allowed.

Use of tarps and large parasols is permitted but please consider your neighbors when setting up.
Use of folding chairs, etc.Use of folding chairs is permitted at the rear of the viewing areas (behind PA tent / lighting tower).

Folding Chairs and other equipment include:
・Strollers (baby and child)
・Leisure sheets / picnic blankets (which can be put away easily)

Please note:
・Be sure to use only the minimum amount of space you require and always take your gear with you when departing an area.
・Please do not use these items when crowded.
Waste Disposal
・Please be sure to take all glass bottles with you.
・Please take as much garbage with you as possible.
・Be sure to sort your garbage when disposing at the festival.

Local volunteers work with the festival to recycle and aim for zero waste. Thank you for cooperating to keep the festival area clean and beautiful.
SmokingNon-smoking Areas
・In front of PA tent / lighting towers at each stage.
・Asagiri Land

Please Note
・Absolutely no smoking is permitted in the above areas.
・Smoking while walking is dangerous and bothersome to those around you. Smoking while walking is absolutely not permitted in the festival.
・Smokers are required to use a portable ashtray and take care not to bother others.

Those with children・Entrance to the festival is free of charge for elementary school aged children (and younger) accompanied by an adult.
・Feeding and changing facilities available at KIDS LAND and First Aid Tent.
・Use of strollers is permitted at the rear of the viewing areas only.
・KIDS LAND is for people with children but is not a day care. Children cannot be left there unattended.
People with DisabilitiesPeople with physical disabilities (disability certificate holders) planning to attend the festival should contact the below in advance:
Contact Information:
Hot Stuff Promotions Call Center
03-5720-9999(Hours: 12:00 ~ 18:00 on weekdays)

Q: What kind of clothes should I wear/take?

A: The festival is held at a place with an altitude of 800 to 1,000m above sea level. Temperatures in the morning can fall to below 10 degrees Celsius. Be sure to bring protection against the cold and rain. Please also note that use of umbrellas is not permitted inside the festival.

Q: Is there lighting at night?
A: Some areas are very dark at night. Please be sure to bring a flashlight/torch.

Q: Do I have to drive a car to get there?
A: The use of a vehicle is not required to attend the festival. Official Bus Tours are available. *Please note there are no shuttle bus services to the festival from the closest train station.

Q: Are there lodging facilities other then camping?
A: Asagiri Jam is a camping only festival. *Please note there are no lodging facilities near the festival.

Q: Is tent included in the round trip bus tour?
A: Tent and camping equipment are not included, so please bring your own.

・The festival reserves the right to change rules, regulations and/or policies without notice at any time. Ticket refunds due to such changes will not be made under any circumstances.

・The festival will not be cancelled or postponed due to rain (barring natural disasters). Please note that ticket refunds because of changes in performing artists will not be made under any circumstances.

・The festival venue is located in a natural location. Be sure to be careful of falling and hypothermia due to cold and rain and also beware of harmful plants and animals such as bees, gnats, flees, etc.

・Trash must be separated before disposal at the festival. Please also be sure to take all blankets, sheets, chairs, tents, etc., with you when departing the festival.

・Leaving chairs or sheets unattended is not permitted. If items are left unattended for prolonged periods of time, they will be considered abandoned and will be discarded of regardless of whether the festival is finished or not. Please be sure to keep your belongings with you at all times. Please also note that saving space with the use of sheets is not permitted.

・Be careful of how much alcohol you consume. Those who are deemed to be overly intoxicated may be ejected from the festival.

・Mosh, diving and any other actions deemed to be dangerous to other members of the audience is strictly prohibited. The festival will not take any responsibility in the case that other audience members are injured due to these types of actions. The parties involved will be responsible.

・The use of umbrellas is prohibited within the festival. Please use rainwear. Be sure to prepare for rain and cold before attending the festival.

・Upon identification of unauthorized entry, regardless of circumstance, the police will be notified and the festival will require compensation.

・Do not cause trouble or nuisance to surrounding residents. Those who have not purchased a parking ticket should not come to the festival by car.

・Those under the age of 18 must return to their tent or lodging by 11:00pm under the Shizuoka Prefecture laws for minors.

・Fireworks and other dangerous items are not permitted in the festival.

・The festival organizers, venue, nor performers, do not take any responsibility or liability for any accidents, theft, etc., which take place in or around the festival.

・Those who do not follow the directions of festival staff in or around the festival, or that cause trouble for other festival audience will be removed from the festival. Tickets will not be refunded.

・Cameras and video cameras are permitted in the festival but filming of performing artists is strictly prohibited. All sound recording equipment is strictly prohibited inside the festival.

・Use of selfie-sticks is not permitted in areas in front of the stages or crowded areas or while walking. Use of drones is strictly prohibited within the festival.

・Be sure to read and understand the rules and regulations listed before purchasing your ticket(s). Purchase of tickets is deemed to be agreement to all rules and regulations of the festival.

・All personal information gathered upon purchase of festival tickets shall be considered to be belonging to the festival organizer.

・Be sure to read and understand the rules and regulations before purchasing your ticket(s).

・Changes or cancellations will not be possible after application for purchase of tickets.

・The festival does not approve purchase of tickets through outlets other then official ticketing outlets. Be sure to purchase your ticket from an authorized ticket outlet.

・The festival does not guarantee the validity of or entry to the festival with tickets purchased at unauthorized ticket outlets. The festival does not take responsibility for any trouble caused by the use of tickets purchased at unauthorized ticket outlets.

・Tickets must be exchanged for wristbands upon entry to the festival. Entry with just a ticket is not permitted.

・The wristband is your "proof of purchase". Removal of the wristband will invalidate the wristband so be sure to keep it on until departing the festival.

・Tickets and or wristbands will not be replaced under any circumstances. If you lose your ticket and or wristband on the day of the festival, you will be required to exit the festival or purchase another ticket so be sure to keep your ticket and or wristband safe.

・Additional tickets will not be issued once sold out.

For those who join bus tour
・Check-in is 20 minutes prior to departure both from Sinjuku and from Festival site.Please make sure to come to departure point earlier because tour bus will leave on time.
・Buses will leave as soon as full.
・We are not responsible If your bus is behind schedule due to traffic delays by road works or natural disaster, etc (no refunds or cancellations).We take no responsibility for any travel delays that you may experience."
・Trolleys or wheeled vehicles are not allowed either in checked or carry-on baggage.
We expect cooperation from all passengers as there is no smoking permitted on bus.Please place mobile phones on vibrate mode or silent and refrain from talking on the phone.
・There is a possibility of your seat being an auxiliary seat (except midnight express bus).

DANGEROUS GOODSDangerous goods aboard a bus is prohibited by law Explosive articles (included over 100g fire works), Petrol, Kerosene, Gas oil, Alcoholic Beverages Other ignition liquid, Explosive material, Corrosion material etc.
KNIVESCarrying any kind of knives aboard is prohibited. Please place in checked baggage.
PETSNot allowed either in checked or carry-on baggage.

・If the minimum number of participants is not met, the direct bus service on that date may be cancelled. In this case, we will send an email to you by September 20.
・We will not cancel or refund your festival entrance ticket in this case.

・Children's fares are between 3 years age and 12 years age.
・Children of 2 years age or less can use the direct bus service free of charge in the company of an adult or guardian, but will not be allocated a seat.
・If children of 2 years age or less need a seat, will be charged a children's fares.

・The guide will provide information, but will not accompany you on the bus

・If a client cancels the direct bus service for personal reasons, the following cancellation rates will apply to the bus fare.


If notice of cancellation is received by 21 or more days prior to the starting date of bus…No Charge
If notice of cancellation is received by 20 days to 8 days prior to the starting date of bus…20% of tour bus fare
If notice of cancellation is received by 7 days to 2 days prior to the starting date of bus…30% of tour bus fare
If notice of cancellation is received by 1 day prior to the starting date of bus…40% of tour bus fare
If notice of cancellation is received on the starting date of bus…50% of tour bus fare
If notice of cancellation is received after day of departure, or in case of failure to show without notice…100% of tour bus fare

* We will not cancel or refund your festival entrance ticket and will not refund ticket handling fee.

Tour bus is provided by Collaboration Co.,Ltd. for Asagiri Jam

Round Trip Bus Tour includes Asagiri Jam 2 Day Ticket
[Bus Schedule & Price]
1Departs Shinjuku (07:00)==(Bus)==Arrives Asagiri Jam Venue (around 11:30)・・・<Event>・・・Camp
2Camp・・・<Event>・・・Departs Asagiri Jam Venue(19:00)==(Bus)==Arrives Shinjuku(around 23:30)

[Tour Departure Date・Place・Time・Meeting Point]
DatePlace MeetingPointTime
2019/10/12 (Sat)ShinjukuTomin Hiroba, TMG No.1 Building, Shinjuku Station West Exit7:00

[Price/per person]
Adult fareChildren fare
No accommodation31,300yen5,900yen

[Travel Conditions]
Travel days2 days
ConditionsMinimum number of participants:30 people
Bus guide:N/A
Local guide:N/A
OthersIncluded in the bus tour fee: Bus fee listed in the schedule and various expenses associated with operation (highway fee and parking fee etc.) ・Asagiri Jam 2 Day Ticket・Ticket handling fee・Tax

・Please be sure to read the Tour Information before purchasing the tour ticket.
・We will not cancel or refund your festival entrance ticket and will not refund ticket handling fee.
・We are not responsible If your bus is behind schedule due to traffic delays by road works or natural disaster, etc (no refunds or cancellations).
・If the minimum number of participants is not met, the direct bus service on that date may be cancelled.
In this case, we will send an email to you by September 20.